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Saturday, Feb 23 at 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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If you have any trips that you would like to see the club run, or would like to run yourself, make contact with any committee member and so we can either organise it, or advertise it for you.
There are lots of trips this year and most of them are easy weekenders to nice places.  If you are looking for something a little more difficult closer to home, there are regular day and night drives leaving from Gladstone.

On the other side of the scale, if you have a destination in mind that is further away and may require a week or more, drop us a line.  There are always competent members looking for new places to explore, and having backup for a long trip certainly makes things easier.
Any member can lead a trip. It can be anything from a BBQ at the local park, to a full blown holiday adventure. There is always going to be someone interested in going, and leading a trip is nothing to be worried about.  If you don't wish to lead a trip but have an idea on a trip, let us know and we'll see what we can do to organise it for you.   If you have a trip suggestion, please fill out the Trip Details Form and forward it to any committee member or bring it along to the next monthly meeting.
The pic is club members at Lilley's Beach participating in Clean Up Australia Day.

Trip Leaders:

 A Trip Details Form needs to be filled out for each trip. Details of your trip will be posted on the website for members information.  
It only takes a few minutes, so download a form and email it to

Prior to leaving on a trip the trip leader will also need to print out (or collect from a committee member) 
a Trip Sign-On Sheet which must be filled out for insurance purposes before the trip begins (or at earliest convenience) and an Incident Report Form (just in case)...





Trip Classification Table

Please Note the new National standard for difficulty now includes shapes like those used for rating skii pistes (ie double black diamonds for hard)

All wheel drive. High range. Road tyres.
Mainly high range but low range required. Road tyres.
Significant low range. Standard 4 wheel drive clearance. All terrain tyres. Should have appropriate 4WD driver training.
Low range. High ground clearance. Mud terrain tyres. Winch / Recovery equipment. Should have appropriate 4WD driver training. Experienced driver.

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